6 Wellness Habits To Optimize Your Mind And Space

Everyone is sharing their changes to the best version of themselves since it’s a new year. However, do you feel your head spiralling with uncertainties of where to begin? Rather than burning yourself out with big swings, aim for habits, routines, and rhythms. We’re ditching the ‘new year, new me’ and replacing it with systems and structures to elevate our current selves.

To do that, here are six quick wellness habits to adopt from now to get the most out of your time and mind.

Cleanse Your Social Media 

Social media can be toxic and affect your mental health. Here is a previous article on social media and mental health. Cleanse your social media of anyone you disagree with, no longer resonate with you, does not inspire you, or makes you feel worse about yourself.

Prioritize Your Physical Needs

Prioritizing your physical needs helps keep your body active. You can do so by staying hydrated, daily movements, scheduling breaks between work, and eating a rainbow.

Clarify And Plan Your Success Route

Clarifying and planning your success route includes; setting your goals- here is a previous article on how to set them- have options, barriers, proper solutions, and a support system to help you function physically and mentally.

Freshen Up Your Workspace

A tidy workspace has a positive impact on your mind and body. Start by removing dust, clutter, unread books, and old notebooks. After, you can add a wall calendar, table lamp, storage/filing, plants, standing desk, and oil diffuser.

Elevate Your Daily Habits

Elevating your daily habits such as meditation, journaling, energy work, daily non-negotiables, visualization, positive psychology rituals, etc., can help optimize your mind and space.

Sorting Out A Proper Sleep Schedule

A proper sleep schedule helps improve how you function throughout the day. Be consistent, have a wind-down hour, create good sleep hygiene, have evening rituals and routines.

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