6 Ways to Spice Up Your Home Workout

We are staying home and we are really ‘loving’ it. (Are we though??). Majority of us have become chefs, DYI artisans, self-proclaimed painters even, but a round of applause to the many who are loyally working out from home. It’s a good habit but requires loads of discipline, however, worry not, here are six spicy things assured to make your home work out much more interesting.

Online Workout Partner We know how crazy this sounds but trust us it works! It helps to identify a disciplined friend or partner that can strictly keep up with your work out routines both in schedules and the exercises you hope to indulge in. Have the work out routines on video calls so as to motivate each other as you both journey to get that banging body!

Ambience Is Everything A mood, energy, synergy or whatever you term it as, is an important thing when working out. Create an ambience that favors your system, be it music or silence ensure to have an environment that inspires you to keep going not one that has you giving up immediately you get started.

That work out gear you like get it out… (Yep it’s bae) We all have that working out outfit that just boosts our self -esteem beyond the roof. That one that makes you feel like a ten, yeah you will need to feel like a ten as you carry on the regime. Always have on your best gear and if it’s just one, it helps to find another similar pair! (Also comfort is everything, if it’s too tight please don’t wear it ..dropping to a number 9 outfit won’t be so bad).

Break with a Dance Between sets you will have breaks, it helps to catch a breather by subtly jamming to a song you like (a fun dance would be nice, no vigorous moves please). This will not only boost your mood but also your psyche will be on-going.

Tick on your calendar /schedule Nothing gives utmost joy than prove of achievement. Every day that you take time to work out, make sure to tick or mark your calendars. Not only will you see your progress but you will also keep up with your discipline nature in getting the work-out done.

Reward Yourself Whether it’s by applauding yourself, doing the toosie slide or promising yourself a trip to the Maldives, ensure you are your first cheerleader, pat yourself in the back, you did that but please do not award yourself with a box of pizza, a work out maestro once advised to get fit‘ 80% is food and 20% is the workout. So No Pizza Rewards!

Have fun loving your body and doing good by it. Circumstance may not be proper in the world now but do ensure your NOW is worth the living. Once done working out, freshen up and remember ‘Hands Off Face!’