6 Tips To Try When You Feel Overwhelmed

If you are a sensitive person, things happening in the world are likely to affect you profoundly. Lately, it’s been a lot. The pandemic, businesses collapsing, losing those we love to the pandemic, a rise in unemployment, high cost of living in Kenya, etc., are some of the many things that can trigger you to feel overwhelmed. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, tired, or helpless, read through for some tips you can try when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Take Note of The Things You’re Grateful Your In Your Life. 

What’s going well for you? It can be so easy to focus on what’s going wrong. Don’t forget to take notice of what’s going right.

Take a Break From Media Consumption

It’s crucial to be informed, but there’s a point where too much is too much. If you’re feeling constantly tense, anxious, or stressed, give it a break. Do something healthy for yourself and come back when you feel grounded.

Connect With Someone You Love

Don’t underestimate the healing power of a conversation with someone who cares about you. If overwhelm is running your life lately, reach out. Ask for support. Laugh, cry, and connect. It helps.

Move Your Body

Go for a walk, stretch, run, dance, or practice yoga. Whatever you do, do something! Physically moving your body works wonders for your nervous system, and it releases endorphins that make you feel better.

Get Out In Nature

While the world feels crazy, nature is in perfect harmony. For sensitive people especially, nature is incredibly healing. Breathe in the fresh air, put your feet on the earth, and watch the birds. There is so much beauty around us.

Donate To A Cause You Care About

Sometimes feeling helpless can be overwhelming. There’s so much happening, and we don’t even know where to start! If you’re able to, donate to a cause that matters to you or volunteer your time. It feels good to know you’re doing something to help.

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