6 Simple Ways To Bring Life To Your Closet

They say that for every minute spent organizing an hour is earned. Having an organized closet is not only visually appealing but also enables one to save time when picking outfits for the day and take stock for wiser shopping decisions. Below are simple tips on how to achieve a functionally organized and aesthetically pleasing closet:

Clear and clean your closet

The first step towards organization is to start on a clean slate. Clear out all the items in your closet, vacuum the corners and wipe down all the storage surfaces. Drawer mats can be used to line the surfaces in order to protect the interiors of the closet.

Do Your Laundry

Closet organization also means having clean clothes. Wash all the dirty clothes as it will also enable you to have clear stock-taking for your clothes when decluttering and creating spaces for storage.


Organization also means getting rid of clothing pieces that one doesn’t use anymore. This could be anything from clothes that no longer fit to those that are way out of fashion or torn. The best way to declutter is to do so in categories such as dresses, tops, coats, pants accessories, underwear, etc. Through this, clothing pieces that are in excess are easily identified.

Create a closet organization system

After identifying clothes for keeps, create an organization system that will best suit your needs and style. This is done by grouping clothes in various categories such as season, color, type, etc. Storing clothes of a similar type together makes it easy to find and assemble outfits as opposed to going through mountains of unsorted clothes to find a specific top or undergarment.

Design the storage space

Once the clothes are categorized into groups, proceed to design the closet space. This can be done by compartmentalizing using various accessories such as closet rods, drawer dividers, hooks, coordinating hangers, shoe racks, laundry baskets, jewelry organizers, and DIY Storage items such as shoe boxes, etc. Ensure that the design you choose maximizes vertical storage spaces, makes your closet easily accessible and is visually appealing too.

Arrange the clothing items neatly in the designed space.

Being neat is the goal here. For the clothes being put in drawers, you can fold them using the konmari style. Hang your delicate, fancy, and structured clothes such as coats on hangers. Have boxes to store and put away seasonal clothes when they are out of season. Organize your jewelry and shoes in their storage spaces. Store all the most used clothing items at eye level for easy access. Keep it organized and neat.

Bonus Tip: Stop taking several business days to fold and store away clothes fresh from the laundry. It is time to get rid of that ‘clothes chair’ in your room or put it to better use.

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