6 Simple Grooming Tips That Will Make You Look More Masculine

Being masculine than an average man is something most men have tried in their life. The fete comes with a lot of perks such as respect and envy from other men, and constant attention from women.

It’s from such advantages that most men constantly think about how they can increase their masculinity and rise above the average man.

So, how do you look more masculine?

How can you show girls that you can protect them? How can you show that you are confident, and a more charismatic gentleman, without being cocky?

Below are six tips on how you can look more masculine than the average man out there:

Develop A Good Physic

Hit the gym, build some muscles. This is the most common route men take when trying to strengthen their masculinity.

Exercising helps get rid of fats that may make you look less masculine—for example, man boobs and saggy waist. These attributes can lead to you having less confidence in things or less confidence in how you look. But working out your body to look good and manly, will not just increase your confidence, but also makes you look more masculine than the average man.

Make A Good Eye Contact

Whenever conversating always maintain eye contact. As much as uncomfortable this might be, never shy away from making eye contact with another man, or woman for that matter.

When you engage in a conversation, you should look into their eyes because this shows that you value the moment you are sharing with them and you have good, sensible reasoning.

Don’t Be A Nice Guy. Be A Gentleman Instead

As much as it might not be true that nice guys finish last, don’t focus on doing nice things hoping to get liked and appreciated. Be a gentleman who will go out of his way to assist in any way without really expecting anything in return.

Women love gentlemen but hate nice guys because of this big difference.

Stand Tall

Always keep an upright posture. Have a strong and confident look of a man who isn’t ashamed of who he is, doesn’t hesitate to stand tall, and isn’t afraid to get on stage. He’s comfortable with who he is and is confident in how people perceive him.

When you stand tall, you project more power and confidence.

Stay Calm

An easy way of earning respect from other people is by being able to control your emotions.

Be calm, don’t overreact; staying cool and collected is sexy—this is what people around you need sometimes from you. Learn to not react to each and every perturbation in your environment.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Brush your teeth twice a day, including the tongue.  No one likes a dirty mouth.  Wash up – your entire body and face – at least once a day. 

If you just finished work or some heavy lifting at the gym, you reek.  Apply deodorant after your shower and reapply throughout the day as needed.  Never overdo the cologne.  If you can smell yourself, that means the people around you can’t breathe without suffocating on your scent.

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