6 Self-love Rituals That Will Help Reduce Your Anxiety

Self-love is appreciating yourself for your psychological, physical, and spiritual growth. It means holding yourself in high regard for your happiness and well-being. It involves not comprising your personal needs and well-being for the sake of someone else. Self-love can have different meanings because we may have different ways of taking care of ourselves. Moreover, it’s important to figure out what self-love is means to an individual as it plays an important role in your mental health.

Here are some six self-love rituals you can practice during this month, which will help in reducing your anxiety:-

Meditate Daily

Make it a habit to meditate every day, even for just one minute. Being consistent in your meditation counts the most.

Journal Regularly

Write about what you want to come into your life regularly.

Move Your Body

Exercise in ways that feels good to you. Exercise should never feel like a punishment.

Catch Your Inner Critic

Take note when the inner critic is talking and remind yourself of the truth. You are enough as you are.

Judge Less

Notice when you judge others or get caught up in other people’s businesses or gossip, as this only reflects how harshly we judge ourselves.

Give Yourself Space

Schedule a day off or carve out some time for yourself to connect back to you because you deserve it.

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