6 Game-Changing Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

Do you have oily skin? Are you struggling to ensure your makeup lasts all day long? If you have oily skin, you might have tried almost everything to ensure your makeup remains flawless all day to no avail. In today’s article, we share some game-changing tips that will help ensure your makeup remains flawless even with oily skin.

Skin Prep Is A Must

Ensure you have a great base before you go in with your makeup. Your priming combo should be on lock with a moisturizer and a mattifier. Yes, oily skin people must moisturize. The moisturizer will help your skin produce less oil. On the other hand, the mattifier does its work by keeping your oily parts dry.

Liquid Foundation Over Stick Foundation

Always use a liquid foundation instead of a stick foundation. Most stick foundations tend to produce oil and are more suitable for dry skin people.

Reduce Or Avoid Using Pressed Powder

It may be a little controversial, but if you have oily skin, you must avoid or reduce the use of pressed powders. Loose powders are way more oil absorbent and keep your skin looking fresh, especially for touch-ups.

Set Your Face With A Setting Sprays And A Mattifying Spray

Always set your face with a setting spray and a mattifying spray. The setting spray absorbs all the powder on your face, while the mattifying spray helps keep your face matte for as long as it can.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Skin Oils

We are human beings, and it is very typical for oils to seep out of your skin after a little while. If you get oily while wearing makeup, dab a tissue or blotting paper to remove the excess oil.

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