6 Fashion Tips For Guys With A Belly

Many have been led to believe that only slender guys can get fashion tips because they deserve to look stylish.

Guys with beer bellies should also have a good fashion sense.

For all those who do not understand the term ‘belly fat’ – it’s simple, the meaning goes by the word. All the fat that is accumulated in the midsection of your body, due to excessive drinking of beer, is known as a beer belly.

Below are fashion tips that can guide men with belies to look awesome.

1. Stop tucking

When it comes to shirts, wear it untucked and avoid shirts that are either too loose or too tight.

2. Wear a printed shirt

A printed shirt adds dimension to your arms and visual movement of the print will distract from a larger midsection.

3. Go for darker colors

Go for dark colors. Black makes you look slimmer.

4. Go For Trench Coats And Long Jackets

When you wear long coats and jackets, it will make you appear longer and slimmer as the main attraction of your dress will be oversized jackets.

5. Avoid wearing satin, silk or lycra

These are materials that cling on your frame and magnify the parts you are hiding.

6. Go for fitting clothes

A lot of guys try and stick with the fashion trends which force them to buy tight clothes that end up magnifying their belly.

Loose clothing makes you look bigger and tight clothing hugs your body in the wrong places. Get the right fit – slim, not overly tight nor overly loose.


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