6 Essentials For Your Kenya Travel

Kenya never ceases to amaze with its breathtaking beauty; be it during rainy seasons, storms or heat, it’s always a travel magnet. So whether you are a lone traveller or the backpacker crew, here are some of the essentials you must have to make your travel in and around Kenya extremely easy.

National Identification ID/ Alien ID

It may sound like a no-brainer but this is a need within the Kenyan borders whether you are Kenyan or not. Not only does it identify you but comes in extremely handy while doing different bookings, money transfers within different entities. Also, all M-Pesa outlets in every city or town you walk in will only serve you best when you have an ID, alien ID or passport in hand. Best be keen!

Negotiation Skills

Kenya is a beautiful homeland to many and the people will always mean well. However, your negotiation skills are a must-pack especially in areas where you are new, and it’s evidenced by how you speak, dress or interact. Remember to always hit the bargain points right, not to take advantage of the residents but also not to allow room to be taken advantage of.

Notebook with phone numbers and essential addresses.
The digital era has taken us all by storm but this does not prompt the need to forget that manual tips, they still get the job done. Phones can get lost, chargers can be forgotten, USBs could wear out or your power bank could run out of charge. The notebook comes in handy only if you note down essential contacts of people or hotels of where you will be visiting.

Pack Regalia According to Culture
Travel is adventurous as every area one visits is set to be different. It is therefore essential to run a background check and culture run before packing clothing that might not sit right with the different areas you hope to visit. Also, be keen to dress up while travelling to the area along with the cultural favoring clothing.

Essential size-able Bags
The essential bag is a must-have, the bags can be two or three depending on need. The bags can be divided into a medicine bag, toiletry bag and extra flip flop bag not every hotel, guest room or Airbnb will have a ready medicine compartment, toothpaste or even slippers, therefore this is a must-have travel kitty.

Friendly Gadgets
Firstly if you could get a feature phone (kabambe) the better for you as it not only saves charge, it lasts for an extremely long time. Accompany extra long-lasting USB cables for your smart/ I phones, travel adapters and mainly 2 power banks (for long travel), some areas within your travel may have blackout so it helps to have an extra power bank.

There are many things that are essentials to pack or tag along for travel however the above six essentials will save you time and a lot of trouble on the roads. Enjoy your travel in this very beautiful country of ours!