IN PICTURES: Kenya Fashion Awards 2017

After seeing the list of nominees and voting for them you were probably waiting for the gala which for the last five years has now become one of the biggest nights in Kenyan fashion.

Before gushing at what went down at the event, can we take a moment to think about how fashion in Kenya is not what it used to be 5 years ago? The narrative is changing! Changing from few names dominating the scene to a supportive and celebratory community! It’s changing from being a side business to main business, from accepting mediocrity to expecting and demanding for the best.

Everyone at Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel this past Saturday or those following from the timelines can attest to this. The success of the awards over the years is the proof you need that Kenyan Fashion is a source of livelihood for many and there are people out here rooting for all the stakeholders in that space! Kenyans love and are proud of our designers, makeup artists, bloggers, models, photographers, media houses et al.

The event would be rated as a success by many just for bringing together both established and upcoming names in Kenyan fashion, some to showcase and others to be awarded and to share a little bit of what their journey has been like. Check out all the winners from KFA 2017

As promised here are some of the highlights from the event! Enjoy 😊😊

Designs By Naomy – Photo Courtesy Mesmeric

Kokeb Zemed Pinard (Koki Designs) – Winner EA Design Of The Year. Photo Courtesy, Mesmeric

Olive Gachara, CEO – Couture Africa & Wandia Gichuru – CEO – Vivo Activewear, Photo courtesy, Mesmeric

Design By Wangari Mathenge

Design By Vee Fashion House

Design By Azra Wal

Design By Niku Channa, Photo courtesy – Niku Channa

Design By Naomi, Photo Courtesy Mesmeric

Design by Loryne Okoth

Design By Azra Walji – Photo Courtesy, Mesmeric

Miss World Kenya alongside Designer, Vinn Clizz.

Winner, Fashion Photographer of the year 2017 – Tintseh

Winner, Fashion Stylist Of The Year 2017 – William Roger Gitau


Photos courtesy of Kenya Fashion Awards 


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