5 Simple Ways To Stay on Track With Your Goals

Most of us begin the year so excited to start on a new leaf or focus on goals we haven’t achieved, but then somewhere within the first month, we might find some difficulties. It could be fear of the unknown, feeling alone, or just not worth the try.

I assure you this is all part of the process and change isn’t easy, what you need is focus and motivation; self-motivation is crucial. Here are 5 ways that will help you stay on track with our goals;

Keep a Journal

Get a journal and write in your goals, your plan to achieve the stated goals, and your progress in every step of achieving them. Keying in your small steps will come in handy during the days you feel demotivated; you get to look back and appreciate how far you have come.  It is also useful in noting what went wrong.

Observe the Five Second Rule

The Five Second Rule can be used when you feel yourself hesitating to do a task or waking up to get to work; it could be one of those days that you feel insufficient or have a relapse of a broken situation. Just count 5-4-3-2-1, when you get to 1 you move on to what you’re meant to do. Staying in thought for more than 5 seconds kills your motivation to work and therefore you remain stagnant or lose your progress all over again.

Keep a Wish Jar with you

A silly purchase is what it seemed like it was when I bought my tiny wish jar from Chandarana. Today, this jar is everywhere I am. Get a tiny or big jar and write your goals or quotes that motivate you to work. Read them before you start your day or anytime you feel low and looking for a reason to go on.

Have a Deadline

The word deadline isn’t really fancied by many but having a set time frame could be a game-changer in increasing your productivity. Deadlines help you focus your mind on what is to be done. If by any chance you don’t meet the deadline you set; that’s an opportunity to reflect on what is to be considered to ensure your success.

Cultivate a Habit of Gratitude

Practicing gratitude unlocks positive vibes. The virtue allows you to see the good things and in critics too. You, therefore, find your mind opening up to more possibilities. Gratitude makes you happier and keeps you away from thinking about people who do not deserve your energy.



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