5 Ways To Connect With Your Inner Child

Everyone has an inner child.

Inner child refers not just to your childhood memories but also your experience throughout your life.

Inner Child is usually considered a source of strength since early experiences play a significant part in your development as an adult.

Your Inner Child needs love from your Adult Self. It needs to be accepted. The Inner Child, in turn, is able to love the Adult Self.

Below are ways you can connect with your inner child:

Keep an open mind

The past comes with both negative and positive events for many people. These circumstances help you form your character and your choices therefore should be embraced.

Go to children for guidance

Kids can teach you a lot about life and help you find joy in small things.

Put Down Your Phone

Your phone has been your major source of entertainment. How about you put it away and try to entertain yourself creatively.

Dive Into Your Memories

Look at old photos, movies and songs you loved as a kid.

Enjoy Your Favorite food

As a kid what did you like eating most?

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