5 Truths About Life We All Need To Live By

How many of us feel that we are not where we thought we should be? It’s like life has dealt you a bad hand and now you feel limited and even maybe a little angry at how unfair everything and everyone around you seems to be. If this is you, then read on because we relate to your pain and frustration.

Unfortunately, don’t get comfortable thinking that maybe this is a pity party and now we are here to agree with you and whine away. We have a better party to start, one of recovery and triumph.

We all think that since we have done our all, and achieved the requisite requirements then now things should automatically fall in place. Don’t get it wrong, they should but the reality is they don’t. So how do you change that?

Below are 5 hard truths to move from should be mine to its mine ;

No one owes you anything

Take off that entitlement hat. Do you deserve it if you put in the work? A resounding yes. The truth is though the world won’t hand it to you, you have to take it by force. Take out your boxing gloves and fight for what you want. Determine what fighting looks like and do just that.

Make yourself relevant

The world is looking for solutions. What answer do you have for the existing problem? Value draws investment!

Work your gifts

As the good book says, your gift will place you in front of kings. Establish the things that make you different and use them to your advantage.

Continuously grow your skill set

The world is continuously shifting and so should your skills. Don’t get comfortable with what you know, read, study and continuously grow your wisdom.

Position yourself

The world is about people. Everything we do is aimed at improving, sustaining and establishing humanity. Learn how to live, serve and draw from people. Great networks open great doors!  

Finally, be centred and rooted in the immovable foundation. Your foundation dictates your stability.

See you at the top!

Am a Writer & Entrepreneur. Passionate about life and good food! Email:karanjabrenda@gmail.com