5 Tips That Upcoming Artists Can Borrow From Nameless To Remain ‘Immortal’ In The Music Industry

Veteran pop artist Nameless is among the few Kenyan musicians who have set the standards and raised the bar quite high in terms of remaining relevant in the industry.

It’s been over a decade since his debut in the music scene and he is still releasing hits with his most recent song ‘Sing a song’ attracting over 12K views and still counting within a day.

The biggest question many have been asking is how the artist has managed to remain constant despite the challenges in such a competitive industry.

In a recent interview with Kiss FM, Nameless shared some of the main principles that keep him going in his music career. Check them out

Setting principles

I have some principles in terms of how I write my music, the target and I try to keep it simple -Nameless

Less is More

Borrowing lessons from his architect classes, Nameless says that his lecturer used to encourage him not to overcrowd his presentations but focus on one aspect that can easily capture attention. A lesson that he has applied in his music and has enabled him to offer the best to his audience.

Reduce outward Pressure

There is always pressure to deliver especially in the entertainment industry. In his journey, Nameless notes that silencing the pressure is a very key aspect of moving forward. His advice to other artists is to have a plan instead of being moved by the crowd.

Focus on your journey

Nameless emphasizes the need to compete with a personal journey instead of trying to outshine others.

Find your inner motivation

Although Nameless agrees that not everyone goes through the same path and challenges, he believes that it is important to always have a motivation.

“You need that strength. This industry can be hard and you have to find something within that makes you feel that this will keep you going” he stated

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