5 Simple Tips On How To Prevent Makeup Brushes Bristles From Shedding

You are probably constantly worried about shedding makeup brushes bristles. Often, makeup brushes shed off their bristles all over the face, leaving what was once a clean canvas covered in little tiny hairs. Therefore, one has to pick each one-off, resulting in fingerprints splotches and even more time spent in front of the mirror.

Are you choosing the wrong brushes? Or are you misapplying your makeup? Unfortunately, plenty of makeup brushes tend to shed off initially during use. However, the way you wash and dry your makeup brushes can go a long way to help prevent shedding.

Here are 5 ways on how to prevent your makeup brushes bristles from shedding: –

When you’re washing your makeup brushes, don’t get the water higher than the point at which the metal ferrule meets the handle of the brushes because that is a seam in which water can seep in.

Ensure you don’t go too long between washes. Not washing your makeup brushes regularly can result in product build-up, damaging the bristles.

Use a gentle detergent when washing natural hair brushes to prevent them from drying out and snapping off.

Always dry your makeup brushes facing downwards or lay them down to dry with the brush head hanging over the edge of the counter. Drying your makeup brushes in either of these methods helps prevent water from dripping down into the handle.

Lastly, don’t be too rough and press down too hard on your makeup brushes when applying makeup as it can result in the bristles snapping.

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