5 Simple Tips For Finding The Perfect Foundation Shade

Foundation is typically where most women start when their makeup routine. Here, we outline 5 basic steps to achieve a perfect complexion shade and apply it perfectly.

Determine Your Undertone 

Undertones are categorized mainly into warm and cool. This detailed article breaks down how you can determine your undertone. Recently, brands have been narrowing it down. Instead of focusing on cool or warm, they say pink or golden and caramel undertones, or olive undertones or neutral undertones. To figure out your undertone, take a close look at your chest and determine your underlying undertone. 


Determine Your Skin’s Type 

Skin types generally range between normal, dry, combination, and oily. This previous article has a detailed breakdown of determining your skin type.


Select the Foundation

Once you have your undertone and skin type figured out, the next step is to select your foundation. Foundations are classified into matte, dewy or luminous, demi-matte, etc. For dry skin, dewy or luminous are the preferable foundation because they add extra moisture to your skin to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. If you have oily or combination skin types, matte or demi-matte are preferable, respectively. For normal skin, you can apply either, again you are normal.


Test the Foundation 

When purchasing a foundation, ensure to use natural light instead of artificial light. Natural light gives the most accurate results of how you look. Additionally, test your foundation on your cheeks and blend it down your neck to get the most accurate foundation shade.

Customize it To Your Needs

Most times, the lower cheek area always tends to be a lot darker than the rest of your face. Stick to applying the foundation that matches the neck area and center of the face. Forget about the outer part of the face because it tends to look ashy when you apply it all over. After all, once you contour and bronze, it all makes sense.

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