5 Ridiculous Simple Tips on Watering Houseplants

Looking to be a plant parent? Lately, there has been so much talk on Instagram about houseplants. However, not every person can take proper care of houseplants, especially if you’re a beginner. How do you know when to water your house plants? How much water do you require to water the plants? It can be overwhelming. 

Before you get to the stage of learning to speak the language of your plants and knowing when your houseplants are thirsty, you need to get your hands dirty. Here are five tips on watering houseplants:-

Don’t Overwater

Too much water is more likely to kill a plant than too little. Make sure your plant has drainage holes. Learn more about the specific plants you have. As a general rule, plants with bigger leaves originate from tropical areas and need more water than smaller ones found in the desert.

Soak Rather Than Sprinkle

During the hot weather, good water will be appreciated by your plants. Ensure your plants dry out between watering and the pot has drainage holes to prevent the roots from becoming oxygen-deprived and rotten.

Room Temperature Water

Using hot or cold can shock the root system of plants. Ensure you water with room temperature water; this makes the plants feel at home.

Water Before They Droop

Watering your plants before they look a little sad is important. Leaving them until this point will cause stress making them more susceptible to disease and pests. Regularly check your plants’ soil moisture with your finger.

Use Filtered Or Rainwater If Possible

While ordinary tap water will not kill your plants, they will love the lower chlorine levels in filtered and rainwater. Softened water can kill plants!

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