5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Comic Kenyan Web Series, Wembe Squad

Comic Kenyan web series Wembe Squad was launched in style last month. The film’s storyline is based on two new police officers alias Masta and Selekta, who must prove their skills after they find themselves at the center of Nairobi’s criminal underworld.

Its star-studded cast features actors and actresses such as Ibrahim Muchemi, Keiran Ratanya, Esther Kazungu, Foi Wambui, Justin Mirichii, Ben Tekee, Lucy Wache, Morris Mwangi, Brian Ngaira, and Arthur Sanya among others. According to the Wembe Squad writer and director John Jumbi, this web series is a product of the uncertain COVID lockdown times that took place last year.

So far, the first 3 episodes of Wembe Squad are available to the public, and below are 5 top reasons why we totally recommend that you watch it:

Easily Available

During the premiere, the Wembe Squad producers promised to make the series available to the public soon. They kept their word as the first 3 episodes of the web series are available on the Chatterbox Film & Theatre YouTube channel. According to the producers, episodes 4,5, and 6 will be released on the same channel on 17th December 2021. Below is the first episode:

Super hilarious

Wembe Squad’s screenplay is extremely amusing. The lines of the actors and the entire script will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. We have no doubt that Wembe Squad adds a healthy and much-needed dose of humor to your life. Additionally, the film’s posters and voiceovers are hilarious as well.

Very Relatable

Despite the dramatic twists and turns in the script of this web series, this story is very relatable. Most of the script is in the popular Sheng’ language. The film has subtitles for those who are not conversant with Sheng.’ Additionally, the storyline comically features issues are that commonly happen in Kenya.

Short and Sweet Episodes

In case you are super busy and are looking for a short yet entertaining show to watch, then look no further. So far, the longest Wembe Squad episode is slightly over 11 minutes. Furthermore, the suspense between the episodes spices up the series.

Stupendous Production

The production reeks of good quality. Aspects of the film such as screenplay, casting, cinematography, locations, lighting, continuity, wardrobe and make-up, music, and sound design are stunning. Definitely an amazing watching experience.

Are you still not convinced? Then watch the trailer here.

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