5 Reasons Why We Love Nadia Mukami’s New African Popstar EP

Singer Nadia Mukami recently dropped her highly anticipated extended playlist titled, African Popstar. According to the Sevens Creative Hub signee, the 7 songs long EP, was curated as a special African music presentation to inspire both upcoming and established female artistes. The 7 tracks in this EP include Wangu, Million Dollar (Remix), Zungushie, Dozele, Jipe, Tesa and Criminal Lover.

Launched exclusively on Boom Play, some of the songs such as Wangu, Zungushie, Dozele and Criminal Lover are already toping Boom Play charts, an indication that many fans love this EP. Below are some reasons to listen to it:

  • The EP features some of the most iconic collaborations

Nadia has always wanted to work with singer Sanaipei Tande and she made this dream come true in this project by featuring the talented songbird in the track Wangu. She has also collaborated with stars such as Fena Gitu, Khaligraph Jones, Rosaree, Maua Sama, Marioo, Tamy Moyo, Lioness Nam, DJ Joe Mfalme and Orezi.

  • The audios are good quality

The importance of good quality can’t be overemphasized. Having worked with seasoned track producers such as Alexis on the Beat, Teddy B, Kashkeed and Vicky Pon Dis on this project, there is no doubt that the producers outdid themselves as far as the audio quality and beat were concerned. These producers clearly understand her sound and brought out the best of it in this EP.

  • Vocals are on point

Nadia’s vocal ability is undoubted. She delivered her verses with so much vocal ease and has featured some of the best singers such as Sanaipei Tande, Maua Sama and Tamy Moyo who did not hesitate to flaunt their unique vocals.

  • The EP has a good variety of songs to pick from

African Popstar EP has a song for almost every mood. From the party anthems such as Zungushie, to feel-good songs such as Tesa, to love songs such as Wangu, this EP would be a great addition to your current playlist.

  • The songs are well written

Lyrics are a very crucial factor in any song and the performers in this EP put good lyrics in their respective verses. For example, in the song Wangu which is a typical ‘That Boy is Mine’ situation, Nadia and Sanaipei Tande thoroughly expressed their strong emotions for the man in question.

Are not yet convinced about this EP? Then check it out for yourself via this link.

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