5 Reasons To Listen To Rieng Radio By Kartelo & Miracle Baby

Rieng Radio is a new podcast hosted by comedian Kartelo and Gengetone singer Miracle Baby. The podcast whose first episode went live on 20th of last month has since gained favorable reviews with first episode boasting of over 30K views currently.

So far, the show has 2 episodes up and the future looks bright for this young podcast. According to the hosts, the show was created for them to talk about everything. Below are 5 reasons to give this new podcast a chance:

It is a fresh concept

The show is hosted in sheng’ and the hosts’ flow and vibes are easy thus enabling their listeners to relate with their stories.

The hosts are hilarious

Kartelo and Miracle Baby will crack your ribs with their incessant jokes and banter. The chemistry between the two is also great hence making the show more interesting to listen to.

The show is easily accessible

Currently, the podcast is aired on their YouTube channel below. The production team plans to make it available on a live streaming plan.

The production quality is top notch

This show has a great technical team behind it to ensure that the listeners enjoy their experience. It is directed by Judiff Mwangi, shot by Director Zack D Man and has Cheatcode Pon Dis on the sound production end.

The topics of discussion are Diverse

This gives the viewers a wide range of topics to listen to. The hosts have already delved on a number of topics such as controversies in the Kenyan entertainment scene and fatherhood among others.

In case you are looking for a podcast to listen to, Rieng Radio could just be the one.

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