5 Reasons To Listen To Karun, Xenia and Blinky Bill’s BBC Africa 360 Playlist

Kenyan singers Karun, Xenia Manasseh and Blinky Bill got to curate the BBC Africa360 Playlist over the weekend and it is pure flames! The weekly show hosts leading artistes and DJs from various African countries to showcase talents from their respective countries through a handpicked playlist.

Below are reasons why Karun, Blinky Bill and Xenia’s choices in this playlist deserve a slot in your playlist:

The playlist is parked with feel good jams

The playlist features songs like Lisa Noah Oduor’s Jahera, Blinky Bill’s Terene and Emma Cheruto’s Mood will definitely uplift your spirits.

Short yet diverse

With only 18 songs, we have to give mad props to the curators for still achieving diversity. The playlist has songs from various genres such as Gengetone, RnB, Trap and Hiphop  thus catering to everyone’s needs.

It features some of the most underrated Kenyan artistes

If you are looking for new talent that will blow your mind, then is the place. If you are tired of the repetition of certain songs on radio, then check this playlist out. It contains music from amazing artistes such as Emawk, Wendy Kay, Njoki Karu and Xprso just to mention a few.

Has mini song reviews from the curators

At the introduction of each curators’ handpicked playlist, is a mini review of the songs chosen. The reviews give a feel of the upcoming songs and enable listeners to understand the curators’ tastes better.

It is available for only a few days

This playlist was launched yesterday and will only be available for 30 days. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and click here to enjoy some of the finest Kenyan music.

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