5 Reasons To Attend The Next Afro Pop & Chill

The 2nd edition of the Afro Pop & Chill took place on the last Saturday of February at Milovian Mbaires Gardens in Lower Kabete. This was the second edition of the event that aims to celebrate our rich African culture through memorable music, art, and fashion.

Its first edition took place last year December and the organizers are hoping to make it a monthly event. Based on how cool the 2nd edition was, below are 5 reasons to attend its next edition:

 Beautiful setup 

The venue had a bohemian décor set up that was not only picturesque but also allowed revelers to carry their own shukas and get comfortable while still socially distanced. The venue was a perfect pick as it accentuated the chill vibes that the event had planned to bring out.

Chilled Music

As the name suggests, the music served the purpose accurately. It was also diverse, thus catered to the different tastes of the attendees. Super DJ, Beats Therapy warmed up the stage in style with a powerful House Music mix. Faeez The DJ, Middleman, DJ Vidza and Suraj came in after Beats Therapy and rocked the crowd with eclectic mixes of various genres such as Afro Beat, Old Skool Hip Hop and Gengetone just to mention a few. The show was summed up by seasoned DJ, Jo Kisila who wowed the crowd with his deck skills bringing the show to a good end.

Plenty of Food and drinks 

It is almost illegal to have a gathering without food and Afro Pop Chill did not disappoint. This allowed attendees to indulge in some of their favourite snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The freshly brewed cocktails and mocktails were delicious, to say the least.

Body Art Fun

Apart from the music, the organizers, Afro Trace, had other exciting activities such as creative body art which were done by the very talented Wakanda Body Art and Benito Arts.

It did live up to the hype of being chill

Sponsored by reputable brands: Turn Up Travel, IMAX and Milovian Mbaire Gardens, the show did live up to the hype of being chill. It was perfect for hanging out after a long week.

We sure can’t wait to attend the next edition.

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