5 Questions with the Longombas

1 – If you guys were to be stranded on an Island, what five albums would you carry with you?

Damian Marley “Welcome To Jamrock “, Sean Paul “Dutty Rock “, Michael Jackson “History“, John Legend “Get Lifted“, Longombas “Chukua

2 – What about your adult selves would most impress and disappoint your childhood selves?

Our musical achievements would definitely make our childhood selves proud because that’s all we dream of. Luck of enough time for our selves, friends, and family due to busy schedules has disappointed our adult selves.

3 – Top 5 Hip-Hop artists/groups in Kenya ever?

Collo, Octopizzo, Muthoni The Drummer Queen, Col. Mustafa, Stella Mwangi.

4 – What do you guys miss most about living in Africa?

We miss the lifestyle.

5 – Worst performance injury you guys ever suffered?

We haven’t had any injuries yet, but we have been robbed a few times before. LOL!!!


The Longombas are back with a new single ‘Got Paid‘ Keep it locked for more info on the group and their future plans.

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