5 Main Benefits Of Using Moisturizers In Your Skincare Routine

Do you moisturize every day? A good moisturizer should have a humectant, emollients, and occlusive. Humectants draw water from the environment and the inner layer of the skin to the skin’s surface. On the other hand, emollients and occlusive are used to prevent moisture pulled in by the humectant from evaporating from the skin’s surface by forming a protective film over the top layer of the skin.

Both men and women can find various benefits to using a quality facial moisturizer each day. Here are five main advantages of using moisturizers in your skincare routine.

Soothe Skin

Inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and rosacea benefit from moisturizers containing ingredients such as shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, and licorice root extract.

Prevent Dryness

Extreme temperature and air conditioner usage can dry out of the skin. Moisturizing products help your skin retain water.

Support Skin Barrier

The skin barrier- outermost layer of the skin- helps protect the skin from irritants such as chemicals, bacteria, and UV rays. Severe dry skin can lead to cracks, allowing entry of bacteria and irritants. A protective moisturizer can help keep the skin moisture barrier healthy and irritants out.

Prevent Acne

When your skin becomes dry, it overcompensates by producing more oil. Excess oil can clog pores, leading to more acne and breakouts. Therefore, it is highly recommended that oily skin be moisturized to help the skin stay hydrated and prevent breakouts.

Decrease Signs Of Ageing

Moisturizers give skin a smoother appearance which helps prevent flakiness and dullness. Additionally, moisturizers help diminish the appearance of fine lines by plumping up the skin.

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