5 Lifestyle YouTubers We Are Binging On

Youtubers are cropping up as the internet continues to be more accessible. The content is creative and relatable. Looking for some fresh content to binge on? Check out the YouTubers we have highlighted:

Nkatha K

I first came across her Living Alone diaries that are inspired by Michelle Choi on Youtube. She brings a relatable side to Youtube through a millennial lens. Highlighting her struggles such as making money after finishing university, moving out, and even her skincare journey.

Check out her latest videos here:

Latest Living Alone Diaries:


Edna Njeri

One of my faves on Youtube. She is a content creator that focuses on beauty, lifestyle, wellness, and self-improvement. She makes you want to get your life in order while also making conscious decisions that affect your ecosystem.

Check out her latest Vlog:

Check out her latest video:



It’s Kahvinya

Kahvinya was introduced to me through her music.  Her content on Youtube is through a gen Z lens as she navigates life through marriage and motherhood.

Latest Youtube video:


Wardrobe Chronicles

David Ochola is behind this Youtube channel that focuses on men’s fashion, grooming, and manners. He provides tips and tricks ranging from looking good on zoom calls to wardrobe essentials.

Latest Video:


How to Look Good on Zoom:



The inspiration behind her Youtube name is the mathematics formula Sochatoa. She documents her university life in London, her take on social issues such as colorism, misogyny, and general lifestyle content.

Latest video


Latest Vlog



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