5 Kenyan Hair Product Brands Every Naturalista Should Try

Growing and maintaining natural hair has got to be one of the hardest things for a naturalista. Getting the perfect hair product to suit a certain hair type isn’t a walk in the park not to mention how expensive they can be.

Luckily there are a few local brands that produce a variety of natural hair products apart from Marini naturals which might be the most popular in the market.If you’re a natural sister, or brother consider getting a few products from these local brands

Marini Naturals

This has got to be the most popular natural hair brand there is in Kenya, probably due to their marketing strategies. Their vast range of products can also be used on dreadlocks and even children.


Saru Organics

Saru Organics deals with hair products that are plant based. Their revitalizing clay and cleansing shampoos which have bentonite clay as the base ingredients are really great when it comes to achieving those curl patterns.


Sheth Naturals

Created with love for the timeless African queen, you can never go wrong with Sheth natural products which range from their moisturizing shampoo bar and deep conditioner treatment. What’s even more amazing is the fact that they also have oils meant for the African skin.



Just like Sheth Naturals Bu.ke which was founded in 2017 have products catering for both natural hair and skin. With products such as the body butter, clay masks, shampoo bars and hair oils, Bu.ke has managed to maneuverer their way into the Tanzania and Ethiopian markets.


Luguah Naturals

Apart from hair and skin, Luguah is also a lip care line and even caters to the men through their beard oil. Formed in 2016, the brand creates products hand-crafted from the best oils and butters sourced from Africa


There are quite a number of Kenyan products out there these are just some of them meant to help someone out in search of the perfect natural solution and thinking of transitioning.