5 Kenyan Civic Engagement Podcasts You Should Be Listening To At This Time

Elections are coming up and every year there is a lot of information being circulated. Here we have highlighted some useful resources to help you with civic engagement:

PAWA 254

Pawa is a non-profit organization formed in 2009. The initiative’s driving force is using art to drive social change. Describing themselves as “Kenya’s unique art and a cultural collaborative hub that houses, fosters, and catalyzes creative and community-driven projects for social change.” Artvisim is where Arts and Media meet Civic Engagement & Social Accountability. Boniface Mwangi, a renowned Photojournalist is founder. He speaks of going through an awakening to be an active participant in the change in Kenya. Listen to their podcast here


Created and run by Brenda Wambui a digital media consultant and a researcher. Her line of work is mainly with feminist advocacy organizations and other NGOs. She runs a podcast that focuses on current affairs and politics. The podcast is currently on a hiatus but the content is still relevant and valuable. Listen here

Is that so? With Silantoi

Silantoi Suzanne became popular in 2017. Silantoi at the time was running for the Nairobi Senatorial Candidate. She is a political analyst and seeks good governance in Africa. Her podcast is rich with information on current affairs.

Currently, Silantoi is running a series dubbed Meet The Candidate on her Youtube channel. In the series, she talks to different aspirants to learn more about them.

The Cyco Podcast

Ben Cyco Gospel singer, host, and podcaster is the host of the cyco podcast. He has solo episodes, or he brings in industry professionals to talk on specific topics. Episodes with Silantoi are very insightful and rich with information on political affairs.

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