5 Inexpensive Treats For Him This Valentines Day

Valentines day has come earlier this year. Many were hardly prepared and most flower vendors are definitely in the mood to paint the city red. So how about we about we switch it up ladies and make it his day. Here are five cheap treats to indulge in and make it a superb valentine for him and you.

Surprise him with a homemade meal (I’m talking Ugali and the natural delicacies)
Some of us assume that when cooking for him you should go all Italian or French, to a non-Italian or French man. How about taking it back to his roots and cook him his favorite dish his mama loved to prepare – a well prepared Ugali, Samaki and sukuma wiki beats lasagna for your Kenyan bae any day. After all, it is pocket-friendly and worth making memories over dinner.

Pay his WiFi Bill
Ladies, it is not that big of a deal to chip in once in a while. Paying his WiFi bill is one way to show your care and thoughtfulness this valentines day. After all, it is highly unexpected that you would do that for him. In any case, how high can his WiFi bill be this mid-month?

Surprise his wardrobe ..(and not with socks)
Ditch the socks gift already ladies. Most Kenyan men are comfortable when it comes to their style how about you add a little twist to it. Get him a shirt from Toi market or those thrift shops around the CBD, your estate or wherever place that favors your budget. After all, even if you get him a pink shirt I’m pretty sure he will not say no to it on valentines.

Shots or the bottle, it’s the thought that counts.
He probably prefers Glenfiddich but your account does not necessarily scream ‘ buy the boti’. How about you take him to the nearest joint around you whether Tortillas, Tribeka, Number 7 or wherever place and make the shots bills on you. It is the thought that counts and in an economy like Nairobi, love does not have to cost so much.

Buy him a P.S console.. (only if you afford)
This is definitely for the gamers. Most men have a thing or two for their man caves, it could be that T.V set that has been lacking a P.S console for a while – surprise him with one. This could be a somewhat expensive thrill but a worthy one, after all, it’s a once a year gift affair.

Otherwise, whether you pronounce it as Valentines day or ‘Valenmtimes’ day I wish you nothing but a memorable experience. For the singles be assured it is a one-day affair that you could utilize knowing more about yourself. Feel free to share in the cheap valentine thrills that you are yet to indulge in.