5 Hangout Joints and Bars in Nairobi Worth A Try

2019 has rather been speeding up. The weekend seems to draw in faster than usual, I mean, we are already in July! But hey, who doesn’t like the weekend? Nairobi in its own way has you covered with countless spots to have a good time. Today, we look at some hangout joints and bars you might want to give a try. 

The Muze

Are you a lover of live bands? Sounds of Afro-house? An extremely vibrant crowd? Then the Muze is your new hub. The night club that is located in Bishan Plaza Mpaka Road, offers a wide variety of entertaining acts from the likes of DJ Suraj. The Muze which is slowly but surely building an all live band culture has equally not failed in the drinks sector as it not only offers drinks from the “Draft beers” but also to the top-shelf liquor kind of drinks. Leaving you served and buzzed just right ready to pull an all ‘nighter’. The friendly barkeeps give it a plus, this is a place you definitely go to listen to the likes of Blinky Bill – accompanied in comfy shoe ladies.

I guarantee it’s always about to go down!

Champagne Bar

Are you one for an obviously fancy space, looking to drink like a boss, then the Champagne bar at the Sankara is a must visit. The bar that has a good and exceedingly expensive presence is not only exquisite but highly recommended for a calm evening, set with low comfortable sofa seats, this is a straight up posh theme.

The Salt Bar & Grill

Getting maced in this balmy grill could be one of those unforgettable weekend bangers. The Salt Bar & Grill that is found at the junction mall along Ngong road not only offers a wide range of delicacies it sequels the same with drinks served from still whiskeys, divine wines and cocktail offers. The ambiance is highly inviting, what better way to wind up a week if not by dining and getting those shots…served just right!

Havana Bar

Its outward appearance may be a little below a third class but remember the old adage don’t judge a book by its cover? This fairly applies to Havana Bar, the inside has a dark monkish ambiance with a dimmed light reflecting the saffron orange walls however this matches perfectly with an intimate meet over with friends as the music is equally not too loud and their services are pretty decent from the welcoming waiters to the finger licking good delicacies. Havana that is located along Woodvale Groove is one for the checklist.

Buddha Bar

It is known for its inviting tenor and its extra chic look. Buddha bar that’s highly reviewed for its delicacies and variety drinks makes the list yet again. This comes in with its favorable spacious open-air surrounding that serves not only an amazing view but fresh air. The deejays equally do not fail the bar as every single taste in music is well met. It’s an idyllic place to take a diverse group for a good evening. Located along Westlands along Chiromo Road, buddha bar is one hang out the bar for everybody, after all, any day of the week is party time in the very fancy inviting bar!

The style and taste of enjoying a good time in Nairobi has been consistent over the years. A good hang out joint always does the trick. Feel free to share your favorite bar and tell us why. Only don’t drink and drive, like they say do arrive alive, it’s important!!!