5 Gengetone Songs You Should Have Heard By Now

20 November of 2019 by

Gengetone is the new club sound in Kenya. The genre, which is an offshoot of Genge, has been steadily rising since its start in 2018 and has now taken over as the leading genre.

Though the genre’s popularity is growing exponentially, not everyone, especially the older generation, is enjoying it.

Led by Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua, older guys want the sound banned because of its dirty lyrics and raunchy videos.

The younger generation, however, loves the genre religiously and are ready to sacrifice everything rather than switch sounds.

Some of the known names doing Gengetone include: Ethic, Ochungulo family, Boondocks Gang, Sailors among others. Mutua has constantly warned them over their songs, sometimes even forced to threat them with arrests but not much has changed.

Below are some of the hottest Gengetone songs currently ruling the airwaves.

  1. DUDU – Nellythegoon X Dmore X Benzema

2. MAMBICHWA – Magix Enga Ft OdiWaMurang’a, Exray, Maddox

3. CHACHISHA by Magix Enga x Zzero Sufuri


5. OCTOPIZZO – Wakiritho ft Sailors


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