5 Game Drive Reserves You Must Try

The love of wild animals gets really exciting when you are super close. The whole experience is totally bucket list-worthy, here are 5 parks you should prioritize when looking to do a game drive.

Tsavo West National Park

When you hear Tsavo West, what comes to mind? Man-eaters right? Well yes and no…Tsavo West is a Magnifique area with one of the most inviting animal presence you could ever imagine from ostriches, elephants, lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, a home fully packed with the animal kingdom to its fullest. A drive through Tsavo West will have you connect with the wild nature and better yet give you an open award to experience Lake Jipe, this is one of those game drives you must try!

Amboseli National Park

They call it the hub of all animals and really the title is well deserved. Amboseli is effortlessly blessed with size and a high number of animals in their cradle, the park is so big it’s divided into different routes, to find out you must visit and ensure to be camera ready for every stop is picture-worthy and every animal picture ready too!

Samburu Game Reserve

Located some 300 KM plus away from Nairobi, Samburu Game reserve is worth a road trip. The reserve which is bordered to the south by the Ewaso Nyiro River is home to many animals including the famous lioness (Kamunyak) who adopted the baby oryx. The reserve houses cheetahs, leopards, lions, elephants and a variety of animals you may want to view up close. Definitely a holiday-worthy trip to the Rift Valley.

Mt.Kenya National Park

The breathtaking nature of Mt.Kenya will never be defeated, the park that is surrounded by vegetation is worth a visit as it’s home to different endangered species, elephants, elands, leopards and etc. The park equally has more to offer inclusive of its lakes and glaciers plus climbing up the Mountain. Mt.Kenya national park has always been one for the books.

Meru National Park

The all-season beaut that is Meru and Kora sister park is and has always been a bucket list worth adventure. The park is highly betokened with animals such as zebras, elephants,buffaloes and the crawlers like puff adders. Aside from the wild animals, the vegetation is so inviting. Mark a date and grace this amazing park some time!

Do you like a good game drive? Then the above are plans, whichever we have left out, do let us know your experience and we will happily cover it