5 Factors To Consider When Moving Out For The First Time

Moving out from your parents’ house sounds fun. This is because for most people it screams utmost freedom. On the other hand, moving out for the first time may also be very scary as no one is ever really ready for change. Fears about being unable to sustain the new way of life are common. However, worry not as below are some important tips to guide you when moving out for the first time:

A moving out budget

This migration costs money. That is why you need to have a fiscal plan for it. Highlight what you are able to spend on basics such as house deposit and rent, basic furniture, essential cookware, locks and security systems, transportation to the new house, house hunting expenses, etc. Ensure that the budget is not only affordable but it is also sensible to accommodate any emergencies that may arise in the process.

House hunting shenanigans

The budget will dictate the kind of house you can move into. Identify the house and ensure that rent, deposit, and utility bills are within your budget allocations. House hunting in Kenya can be quite tedious so remember to exercise patience and do thorough research. You can use an agent or house hunt by yourself. Thoroughly inspect the houses before making a choice. Check the conditions of the floors, walls, windows, electrical connection, plumbing, etc. Inspect the surroundings too for factors such as noise, security, sanitation, accessibility, proximity to the workplace, etc. For example, avoid houses near churches or clubs as the noise gets annoying over time. Remember to inquire about other extra utility bills such as garbage, security, and sanitation fees that a premise may attract. Tip, a lot of people have been conned while house hunting, don’t pay for a house that you haven’t physically seen.

Floor plan and decor

Once you have picked a house, design a floor plan arrangement. Identify where and how you will arrange items in your house. They say that East or West, home is best so make your new home as comfortable as you possibly can afford. Just because it is your first house, it doesn’t have to be basic. Play around with décor and even DIY crafts to improve the aesthetic appearance of your place. Read Home Décor Inspiration From Amazing Kenyan Youtube House Tours

Ability to enjoy your own company

For most people living alone, adjusting to the quiet in the new home was a daunting task in the beginning. This, therefore, means that when planning to move out one must prepare for the silence awaiting them in their new abode. It can be filled with music and noise from visitors from time to time but silence and solitude will always be the backdrop of the new place. Anticipate ways to enjoy your own company and keep yourself entertained.

Recurrent Bills

Moving out is also about paying bills. Recurrent expenses such as electricity, water, internet connection, etc. must be factored into your new budget to accommodate the new way of living. Your budget must also cater to other requirements such as food, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, entertainment, emergency funds, savings etc. in order to have a smooth adjustment to your new lifestyle.

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