5 Exciting Happy Hour Spots In Nairobi to Try Out

If there’s anything Nairobi people love is a good drink and a good dish. Below, we dive into bars that collectively offer the best happy hours treats in the city for after-work vibes and beyond.

Irish Corner
Hardly a year old and the bar has stemmed its way up to the tops. Located at the nextgen mall, the Irish corner is a must-visit with its happy hour kicking from 4 pm through 7pm, and 10 p.m to 12 a.m – a double happy hour to vibe on plus food’s in plenty (No hungry bellies allowed).

Altitude Lounge
Altitude lounge that favors an array of crowds is a becoming must-hang joint. The lounge that serves an entirely separate food and drinks menu is a must try. Their happy hours that kick off from 5 p.m are known to do justice; feel free to visit the 10th floor Diamond Plaza building at the 4th Parklands Road.

The Tav
Foodie? Drunky? The vibe within the walls of the Tav is an inviting aura happily complemented with great music. The happy hours that kicks off from 6 p.m are always up for a good surprise, plus their cocktails are a never-ending. Try their happy hour and tell us how that goes.

News Cafe (Rosslyn Riviera)
If you’re a staunch believer of a good cocktail then Newscaffe at the Rosslyn Riviera got you covered. Their happy hour that takes off from 5p.m serves a vast taste in cocktails. Their diverse food menu is equally a notch higher than most cutting from mozzarella to their to die –for-burgers. Next time you are a long Limuru road then this is a plan you must try!

The Alchemist
The vibe within this very joint is a justification that disappointment does not live there. The happy hour kicks off from 5p.m through 8p.m and is offered with an array of drinks plus what could beat the eclectic playlist the joint offers?

There are definitely more exciting joints within Nairobi, feel free to tag us on your favorite happy hour joint in the city!