5 Camping Sites You Must Check Out

So many campers are cropping up within the country and hopefully, you are one of them. The outside is a beautiful place to experience especially where adventure and nature are serving themselves, selflessly. Here are some camping sites that are totally worth your time.

Malewa Camping Site
For the love of peace, serenity and silence, Malewa is definitely the place to be. The camp that is located in the outskirts of Gilgil is sandwiched between an animal reserve and River Malewa. The streams offer a welcoming sound as they flow peacefully undisturbed just around the camp. Malewa Camp offers a lounge room area, a kitchen area, a cozy bathroom and a greenery paradise like no other, definitely a worthy place to escape either for a weekend or even for the upcoming festivity.

Lake Jipe Camping Site
The beauty of Lake Jipe is unbeaten for its animal presence and the serene blue river. Lake Jipe that is located within Tsavo West is a must-try camp site not only because it is beautiful to look at but also beats you out of your comfort zone as you camp near hippos and other animals, sounds dangerous right? Well, it isn’t as the rangers camp with you the entire time.

Camp Crocodile Rimoi
That’s the thing about our country every place has a hidden gem you have to find. Camp Rimoi is located in Iten one of those camps that are so far off the city but worth a visit. To enjoy your travel there it is best to travel via Marigat for the scenic Torok Falls. Once at the camp, there is so much to do including elephant tracking and bird watching definitely something you may want to add to your bucket list.

Amboseli Camping Site
The game drive is heavenly but the camping is even way more inviting. The serenity and distant lights within the camp is a giver. The morning cheer of swaying trees and beautiful flowers around the camp just gives off a paradise on earth vibe you definitely want to try this one out.

Jangwani Camping Site
It has always been popular and it still remains on the list of popularity. Jangwani camp that is located in Sagana is one for everybody. It’s located just at the bench of the Sagana waters giving it an awesome view and better yet a peaceful kind of feeling thanks to the sound of the waters streaming down. There is an option to raft, which is a must-do for the adrenaline lovers or not.

To go camping is indeed a fun sponge but if you have not tried it yet, this is your time. Camping is definitely getting out of your comfort zone just to experience an epic time. Is there any camping site we have left out? Do mention it to us via our social handles!