5 Kenyan Artists Set to Blow Up Big In 2019

The Kenyan music scene is under a rapid revolution and I’m glad the conversation about supporting our own and call for more content is thriving online. As you know we are the plug when it comes to new music and what’s overall hot, here’s a list of guys who will blow over in 2019.

Blinky Bill

The former member of Just A Band who’s cut his niche in the industry by providing an alternative sound is on the path of a blowup. Blinky just released his debut album “Everybody’s Just Winging It And Other Fly Tales” last year and its slowly blowing up home and abroad. Blinky’s musical genius laid on the tracks like Attenshan, Mungu Halali, and Oh Wah, which depicts deep connection of our history yet charting a new path for new guys. 2019 Will be the year we see Blinky Bill headline some major concerts in and out of the country. The world is gravitating towards his sound, production and overall product

Arrow Bwoy

25-year-old rising star may have found his footing in the music business after he was signed to Kaka Empire and scored back to back hits. After hits like ‘Digi Digi’, ‘Dodo’, ‘Lover Man’ and ‘Shikisha’ went mainstream, Arrow bwoy is slowly cementing his place and 2019 is his year to make it or break it. He presents a dancehall sound topped up with melodies and a knack for hits for the ladies. The regiment perfectly works for his brand and he is about to blow.


This viral group scored one of 254’s biggest hits for 2018. They were ruled out as a one-hit-wonder outfit but they just have a tangible takeover plan. After the first single ‘Lamba Lolo’ they proceeded to put out ‘Position’ featuring Kansoul, ‘Saba’ and ‘Instagram’,all which have stuck on high rotation. The group scored a place on Coke Studio 2019 and has been on several big stages. 2019 will definitely bless their hustle and we expect big things from the Eastlands crew.

Bey T

This lovely lady is a ticking time bomb ready to explode. A new Nairobi wave type of singer, rapper and overall a star that needs to be seen and appreciated. She presents raw talent in her singing, rap, and her American Influenced Hip Hop style hits home solidly. She’s got several jams which include ‘Bad Bad’, ‘Facetime’, ‘If they Dunno’, ‘Pronto’ and ‘Your Loss’. 2019 the game needs to warm up for her takeover.


Ayrosh is an Afro-fusion artist whose sound and product you will instantly love. He is a singer/songwriter with an uncanny sense of humour and a knack for storytelling. His music is a blend of different genres: R&B, Afro beats, Mugithi and most recently EDM, which he packaged as “Folk Fusion. Jams like ‘Maheni’, and ‘Shuga Mami’ did stick out last year and we hope more is in store. He doubles up as an actor, hence most of his content goes to stage shows.

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