4 Ways You Can Protect Your Home Appliances From Power Surges

After news that residents in Komarock Estate in Nairobi are counting millions in losses following a power surge that left their home appliances short-circuited, Kenyans have been looking at how they can protect their homes from such accidents.

A power surge is when there is a sudden increase in the amount of power in the electrical system.

What causes power surges:

  1. Lightening
  2. When power keeps switching on and off
  3. Faulty wiring
  4. Drop/increase of incoming power

Power surges can take a huge toll on modern-day appliances, destroying sensitive and expensive equipment without a moment’s warning.

Here’s how you can protect your home appliances from burning up.

Unplug everything

The best protection from power surges is to unplug everything that’s not in use. Only connect what you need to use especially during this rainy season.

Surge protectors

You can’t unplug every appliance in the house as some like the refrigerator need to stay on. Surge protector helps in making sure power is safe before the appliances are on therefore is very crucial for any electronic left on.

Surge arrestors

One of the most comprehensive ways to protect your appliances is to have a surge arrestor installed to protect all of the electrical circuits in your entire house. It might be expensive but at the end of the day will save you a lot.

Check Wiring

How the house has been wired should also be a great concern. Check whether some wires are shorting or how earthing has been done. This might need an expert.


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