4 Surprising Facts Why Your Skincare Routine Is Not Working

Do you feel like your skincare products or routine isn’t working for you anymore? You might often find yourself with lots of skincare products but no progress with your skin issues. It can be pretty frustrating. In this article, we share four surprising facts as to why your skincare routine is not working:-

Your Products Might Have Expired

If there’s a colour change or smell change, it’s better to throw away the product. Try and keep the products away from the sun and in a cool and dry place; otherwise, they can expire much fast.

Your Skin Needs A Break

Sometimes your skin needs to be left alone. Try taking a break for a week from the acids and serum, and follow a simple routine consisting of a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

You Are Layering Your Products The Wrong Way

Skin is designed to form a barrier, and it’s essential to know the best way to maximize the absorption of the products we use on it. Layering skincare products means you can target specific skin concerns and focus more on them, as different products work on different issues.

Climatic Conditions Can Affect Your Skin

During the cold season, your skin is vulnerable to dryness, and in the hot season, your skin tends to increase sweat and sebum production. Thick creams might be too heavy during the hot season, and light lotions might not do enough for the dryness during the cold season. So, it’s essential to elevate your routine.

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