4 Ridiculously Simple Tips To Treat Dry, Cracked Heels At Home

Cracked heels are a common foot problem. Most cracked heels result from harsh soaps, wearing sandals, dry cold weather, standing for long periods, etc. Cracked heels start when the skin around your heels tend to be dry and thick. 

Dry, cracked heels are unattractive but cause no serious issues. However, dry, cracked heels over time may develop fissures, which increases the risk of infection. The good thing is most cracked heels are treatable at home. Here are a few tips to guide you on how to treat dry, cracked heels from the comfort of your home: –

Moisturize at least twice a day. 

Using moisturizing balms is the first step to treating cracked heels. They contain ingredients to moisturize, soften, and exfoliate dead skin. Look for moisturizing creams with the following ingredients urea, salicylic acid, AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), etc.

Soak Your Feet

Ensure you soak your feet for about 10 minutes in plain or soapy lukewarm water before going to bed. You can gently rub your heels with a pumice stone or loofah to remove thick or dead skin and then pat your feet dry.

Apply A Heavy, Oil-Based Cream

To keep the infected area moisturized after a foot soak, ensure you apply a heavy, oil-based cream such as petroleum jelly- Vaseline, Aquaphor Healing Ointment, etc. 

Put On A Pair of Socks

To keep the moisturizer in place and avoid any grease spread on bed sheets or linen, ensure you wear a pair of socks.

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