4 Places To Visit In Northern Kenya

Northern Kenya has in many ways been praised for its rather different nature. Despite the different security concerns it has slowly become the host of some of Kenya’s most epic tourist attraction features. We totally believe that you too should experience this bliss. Below are some areas you should consider visiting when you take the roads up north.

Suguta Valley

Despite being termed the ‘Valley of Death,’ Suguta is a hidden gem in the North. It houses so much natural beauty. The heat is slightly over the top but it is balanced with the sandy dunes that are epic sites. The pink lake is vastly endowed with pink flamingos thus its name. This lake is also a spot for many crocodiles in the oasis of crystal clear pools which are very visible in the middle of this remarkable desert.


The famous Ngurunit is blessed with a surrounding of Mountain ranges. Located between Marsabit and Samburu, the land is a home of every core vegetation. In a way, it could be the most betokened natural land in the North. Ndoto Mountains have equally played a huge role in ensuring that this land is a tourist magnet. Ngurunit is definitely an area worth visiting in Northern Kenya.


Chalbi is one of the most exquisite places to visit in the north. Its eerie but welcoming desolate location is one worth the visit. The landscape is edged by rocky lava flows cracked earth and white salty sandy mixtures. It still plays home to a few wild animals including zebras, ostriches, and onyxes. When you go to Chalbi, prepare for a bare open land worth a picture moment.

Eliye Springs

Leave alone the beautiful ambient springs at Eliye, there is so much beyond what its natural environment offers. This includes the hunting lodges that are a beckon to tourists. The area that is located by Lake Turkana, is a camera-worthy travel spot.

Have you been to the North? Which area was your favorite? Feel free to share with us and we will definitely recommend it to the viberz!!!!!

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