4 Important Lessons Kenyan Entertainers Have Learnt In 2021

2021 has been one of the toughest years for not just Kenyan entertainers but entertainers across the globe.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the past two years have been difficult for everyone. The pandemic has affected the way we live, work and interact with our loved ones. Additionally, the prevailing situation has also taken a toll on people’s mental health. 

The year 2020 forced everyone to retreat in their careers and focus on survival as everyone stayed indoors. Businesses were looking for ways to just stay afloat till things open up. 2021, however, businesses are not looking at staying afloat but rather how to start thriving again.

One of the groups largely affected was the entertianers. Thankfully, the year came with a lot of lessons for them, and now, more than ever, entertainers are ready for almost any catastrophe that might come their way.

Below are 4 things Kenyan entertainers have learned in 2021 following an-almost-dead industry thanks to the pandemic.

1. Think online, it will feed you.

Kenyan entertainers never thought that online gigs could be a solid source of income until the pandemic forced them into this realm. Just like many other entertainers across the world, industry players were forced to switch their mode of delivery to online as customers remained locked out of entertainment facilities.

2. Make the right investments for your career

While most entertainers had been investing in image and looks, 2021 taught them that they needed more than just an image. One needs savings for the brand, technology, and a crisis management strategy. Always keep asking what if.

3. Government won’t help much

Entertainers and industry players did almost everything while trying to convince the government to let them go back to work mid this year. Despite their efforts, nothing happened. Meanwhile, politicians enjoyed countrywide campaigns that saw then flaunt almost every Covid-19 rule. Entertainers quickly learned that the government won’t help them much in bouncing back.

4. Think outside the box

The year 2021 has forced entertainers to start thinking outside Terrestial TV, Clubs and Social media partnerships. Looking for unorthodox sources of revenue and deals has helped some thrive in 2021 after quickly learning in 2020 that online gigs were getting crowded.

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