4 Herbal Teas You Should Try For Better Health

Well, some of us have been shaken by the third wave of Covid-19 in Kenya. If there’s ever been a better time to boost our immunity and protect it, it’s now. We also do need something that can help us calm down during these difficult times – and what better way than a good cup of tea?

Ginger Tea

This definitely the tea you need to start up your morning. A non-caffeinated drink to break your night fast, charge up your metabolism, boost your appetite and soothe nausea & flu symptoms. Ginger has antioxidants that facilitate the elimination of toxins. It aids in creating overall healthier kidney tissues.

Green Tea

Most of us have had the green tea phase in our lifetime. It is one of the healthiest drinks and perfect for detox. The tea is also great for brain function improvement. It contains just enough caffeine to stimulate you without the jittery effect associated with drinks packed with caffeine. It also has antioxidants that prevent chronic inflammation by protecting our organs from oxidative damage. Therefore, reducing the chances of getting cancers.

Chamomile Tea

Sleep is a very important aspect of our day-to-day activities. A good night sleep translates to a more productive and healthier person. Chamomile tea has properties that improve your quality of sleep. Its anti-inflammatory properties boost the health of metabolic organs such as the pancreas, which therefore maintains normal functions of controlling blood sugar – perfect tea for a diabetic person.

Lemongrass Tea

This tall and stalky plant with a lemony aroma has been used for ages in Asian communities to promote sleep, relieve pain, boost immunity, uplift mood, and as a bug repellent. Lemongrass tea acts as a diuretic, makes you urinate more than often to rid your body of excess fluid and sodium, thus promoting healthy blood pressure. It is a natural remedy for relieving PMS due to its stomach soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

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