4 Foodie Destinations Worth A Road Trip

How about we purpose your next road trip to foodie joints outside town? It’s always fun to discover and experience some of the finest dining places in and outside of Nairobi!

Here are 4 destinations totally worth a road trip!

Trout Tree Nanyuki

The Trout not only invites a wild nature feel ambiance but it’s also built in an enormous fig tree along the Burguret River, below Mount Kenya. The picturesque restaurant has an array of price favoring menu set to pull in every foodie. It ranges from their amazing starters to their main courses like the Trout Curry. This is such a tummy-worthy drive!

Ranch House Bistro Naivasha

Naivasha, the hub of all party lovers houses an amazing eatery space, the Ranch House Bistro which is endowed with a ‘haciendas-like feel’ paving the way through a rough road drive to the venue. The Bistro has a natural ambiance that you would totally love…Do visit and let us know your thoughts on the menu.

Sunbird Lodge Elementaita

Sunbird Lodge is simply Elementaita’s best. The hotel not only offers breathtaking views of the lake but is also aesthetic and super favoring behind the camera. To the lovers of a full delicacy plate, this is your zone! Sunbird equally offers services such as massages. Indeed an ideal weekend getaway you wouldn’t want to miss!

New Rain Juja

The luxurious hotel has a greenery lush feel within its garden making it the ideal getaway for a weekend. Located off Thika Road super high way the New Rain is a restaurant worth a visit as it not only offers delicacies such as BBq spare rods but also a wide range of activities such as cycling. To the foodie in love with photography, this is an ideal ‘studio’!

An out of town drive is always such a vibe! Try out the above joints and remember to tag your camera!