4 Common Skincare Myths Debunked!

There is a lot of skincare advice on the internet. While some advice may be good, others may be harmful to your skin and health. Here, we debunk four common skincare myths and give you recommendations on what you should do.

Myth #1: Natural Ingredients Are Always Better

Natural skincare ingredients are no more safe or effective in comparison to synthetically made/chemical ingredients. The potential chance of irritation is regardless of whether it’s natural or chemical. Always remember that water is also a chemical, and poison ivy is also natural.

Myth #2: Chemical SPF Is Just As Safe As Mineral SPF

The only difference between chemical sunscreen filters and mineral sunscreen filters is personal choice and taste. Chemical filters tend to be less likely to leave a white cast, while mineral filters tend to irritate people with more sensitive skin. So, don’t be afraid to use chemical sunscreen if mineral filters don’t work for you.

Myth #3: Drinking Water Will Hydrate Your Skin

While drinking enough water is essential to the health of our bodies, unless you’ve been in the desert for days, drinking water will not make a big difference to your skin. The best way to treat dehydrated skin is with hydrating skincare products such as serum, toner, or a good old moisturizer.

Myth #4: Even Oily Skin Needs A Moisturizer

100% true! Regardless of your skin type or concerns, using a moisturizer as part of your skincare routine is essential. A moisturizer is key in helping our skin function normally by balancing our oil production, ironically helping your skin stop overproducing oil. Whether it’s a gel or thicker cream, make sure you’re moisturizing.

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