4 Adrenaline-Rush Activities To Try In Nairobi

It’s a no brainer that the weekends are way longer when you have nothing planned. However, for the suckers of adrenaline thrills, below are four extreme adrenaline rush activities we triple dare you to try out.

Gun Range
The KRCC gun range in Langata is an exciting stopover. It’s one thing to watch Leon 1994, witness bullets spray over your screen suggesting the villain should run the opposite direction, but it’s another story altogether in real life. The gun range in Langata offers this kind of ammunition training at an entry cost of Ksh.1,000 for adults and Ksh.500 for students with IDs. You’ll need an extra Ksh 1000 for earmuffs and around Ksh. 100 for ammunition. The pressure is real when you have to hit the mark, it’s always much better to tag along with a group of friends, you know what they say; the many the merrier!!

Laser Tag
Laser tag is an exciting, challenging and fun non-contact shooting game that is extensively enjoyed by different players. The mobile laser tag game is played inside an arena filled with fog and subdued lighting just like the movies. The basic idea of the game is for players to shoot at their opponents’ laser tagger with their laser beam while at the same time preventing their own tagger from being shot.

It’s is a game for the lovers of competition and winning. Time to shoot quite literally. The arena can accommodate teams and also individual players, so whether you’re a loner trying to prove a point or one for the team, you are covered. Isn’t Nairobi is getting extra exciting? We’re in a time where we can bring Matrix to real life, I do not think you want to miss out on the Laser Tag experience located at the ABC Place and at a fair price of Ksh. 500. Totally bucket List worthy!!

Honestly, the only reason I admire arrow man is how he literally hits the point with his arrows every single time. Leave alone arrow man, how about Jennifer Garner in the movie Hunger Games!! Low key, we all want to be that cool but cool needs hard work and practice, lucky for us all kinds of cool is fun and as Kenyan Vibe we give you the details to the max! Archery really requires good eyesight, concentration and an adrenaline balance, if you got this intact then this activity was specifically made for you.

Glass Floor Balcony, Le Marc Tower.
If you are acrophobic (fear of heights) then this is definitely not for you. You can exit now. Moving forward to the adrenaline ranged folks. The Glass floor balcony endowed in the Le Marc tower located on church road is one to offer what we call a luxurious experience. Its 24 levels come with the glass balcony. Not many can hack this move, that’s why we dare you to have a coffee date with us right after walking through this amazing not so inviting balcony. After all, we all live for the excitement, right?

Perhaps we’ve left one on the list or maybe you would like to challenge us to an activity. Feel free to triple dare us, after all we are as young as we are today!!