3 Surprising Facts Why Men Need To Have A Skincare Routine

Over the years, proper skincare has been consistently associated with women. It is part of their daily beauty routine. Skincare brands even tailor their marketing strategies and products more towards women. On the other hand, most men can get away with just applying their body lotion on their faces without experiencing any skin breakouts or irritation. 

Most men say they have no time for skincare routines. Some say it’s a feminine thing and they can’t be bothered, while others say they don’t need a skincare routine. However, men should also be concerned with taking care of their skin as their female counterparts. Our skin is the first thing everyone sees, so why not take a few extra minutes to take care of it? Because skincare matters!

These surprising facts will help you realize why skincare is as essential for men as it is for women:-

Shaving Stresses the Skin

Shaving removes your upper layer of skin cells, which exposes ‘immature’ skin that is more sensitive to environmental/external factors. Sensitive skin needs proper care to manage it. Additionally, having a beard does not relieve you from skincare. It elicits a lot of challenges when it comes to facial skincare.

Signs of Aging 

Men have more collagen and elastin, making their skin which makes their skin thicker and firmer as compared to the skin of women. The signs of aging in men appear much later, but it is more rapid and fully formed when they occur. Therefore, men should have a skincare routine from a younger age to reduce the appearance of aging when it comes.

More Sebaceous Glands and Bigger Pores

Men tend to have more active sebaceous glands, which means more and larger pores. They are, therefore, more prone to the effects of free toxins and radicals in the air. More active sebaceous glands also mean that they produce more oil. A proper skincare routine would effectively aid in reducing excessive oiliness and protecting their skin.

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