3 Pregnancy Skincare Myths And Basic Guidelines

Pregnancy is a pretty magical moment for every woman. Your whole world changes when you imagine a growing life in your body. Many changes happen to your body, including your skin. Some experience a healthy pregnancy glow, but others face more skin issues than they ever had in their life. The skin issues, however, do not dim the whole joy of pregnancy.

Women need to be extra cautious about what they consume and what they put on their skin during this time. The main goal is to maintain a healthy mom-glow throughout the pregnancy while keeping the baby healthy and safe.

Here, we reveal some pregnancy skincare myths and some general rules:

Myth #1: Every Woman Gets All The Pregnancy Glow

Some moms experience that pregnancy glow and look extra radiant throughout their pregnancy, but others develop several pregnancy-related skin issues. Most common skin issues experienced by expecting mothers include; hyperpigmentation, dry skin, acne, and stretch marks.

Myth #2: You Can’t Use Skincare Products When You’re Pregnant As They Contains A lot of Chemicals

Your skin deserves its much-needed care when you’re pregnant. There is no reason for you to stop caring for your skin. Skin works as a protective barrier layer that prevents topical products from getting absorbed into the bloodstream—some ingredients to avoid include; retinoid (Vitamins A), hydroquinone, and arbutin. Safe ingredients include; azelaic acid, AHA, Vitamin C, benzoyl peroxide, hyaluronic acid, peptides, etc.

Myth #3: Cocoa Butter Will Help Reduce Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is one common causes of stretch marks formation in women. The skin stretches a lot to make room for the baby. Many products promise to prevent and remove stretch marks, including cocoa butter. However, there aren’t any that have proven effective so far. To minimize stretch marks, one can control their weight gain or use moisturizers with Centella Asiatica and hyaluronic acid as ingredients. 

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