3 Key Reasons Why Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Is So Important

I must admit washing brushes is not the most exciting thing in the world- it can sometimes seem like a chore. However, it’s a must to keep them clean always. It’s such an amazing feeling to apply your makeup with a sparkly clean set of brushes. After all, putting your time, energy, and money into a skincare routine then top it off with dirty makeup brushes is just counterproductive.

 Find a way to make the cleaning process fun and exciting such as washing your makeup brushes as you listen to a podcast or music. Time will fly, and it will take you less than 10 minutes to get them clean, which is very satisfying. Remember to make it part of your weekly skincare/beauty routine. Here are key reasons why cleaning your makeup brushes is so important:

For a Flawless Finish

You can have the best makeup brushes in the world, but if they are dirty and full of product buildup, you will not get your desired results. A dirty makeup brush/kit affects the quality of your makeup application and blending products. Additionally, product buildup affects the shape of your brushes and their ability to pick up and lay down product, as well as blending properly. Always ensure that you take care of your makeup tools for a flawless application of makeup products.

Longevity of Your Makeup Brushes

Investing in a good makeup brush set is like investing in a really good set of kitchen cutlery. Therefore, taking great care of your tools helps them last longer and protect your investment as you keep getting great results. Brushes that are cleaned well last longer.

To Avoid Skin Damage

Dirty makeup brushes provide a home for bacteria to reside. Makeup brushes accumulate impurities, sebum, dust, product buildup, and dead skin cells, including acne-causing bacteria. If they are not cleaned regularly, dirty brushes can wreak havoc on your skin, clogging your pores, damaging your skin, and skin irritation. 

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