3 Different Ways Of Using An Eye Pencil

Versatility is one of the main reasons an eye pencil is a staple in any beauty lover’s makeup bag. From creating a sharp winged eyeliner look to smudging out a smoky eye, there’s practically no limit to what this little tool can do. Here are a few ways to use an eye pencil to create different looks.

Creating Eye Winged Looks

 An eye pencil is popularly used to create a winged eyeliner look. It can be by using a pencil with a fine tip to produce a sharp wing at the outer corner of the eye. You can use a thicker pencil to create a bolder wing for a more dramatic look. If you’re having trouble creating a symmetrical wing, try using a small piece of tape as a guide. Place the tape at an angle from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow. Then, use your eye pencil to draw a line along the edge of the tape.

Smudging Out a Smoky Eye

Eye pencils are also perfect for creating a smoky eye look. Start by using a pencil with a thick tip to draw a line along the upper and lower lash lines. Then, use a smoky eye brush to blend the pencil out. To achieve a more intense look, you can layer on more products until you’re happy with the level of pigmentation.

Adding Drama to Your Eyes

Using an eye pencil to tighten your upper lash line adds an extra edge to the eyes. It always makes your lashes look fuller, and your eyes appear wider. Start by using a light pencil to line the inner rim of your upper lashes. Then, slowly build up the pigment until you’re happy with the look.

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