3 Basic Beginner Friendly Skincare Steps For A Healthy Skin

Ever feel like you have no progress in your skincare routine? Like everything you’re doing seems to be going downhill? Or have you never had a skincare routine, and you’re looking to start one? It’s important to take a step back and focus on your basics when you feel like there’s been no improvement. Your skin moisture barrier has likely been comprised. 

The basics are important for a good skincare routine. They help build the foundation for glowing skin. Every beginner should focus on the basics when starting a routine. Additionally, the basics will help heal your skin’s moisture barrier if it has been comprised. A good skincare routine is founded on three basic steps, which include:


A good cleanser helps remove dirt, makeup, and sunscreen leftover from the day without leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean, and tight. Apply a coin/pump of cleanser to a damp face and work it into the skin. It’s crucial to find a cleanser suitable for your skin type, for example, cream, gel, oil, or foam.


A good moisturizer helps your skin retain moisture, is hydrated, and nourishes your skin. It helps protect your skin, keep it soft, supple, and glowing. Depending on how your skin feels, apply moisturizer accordingly- do not apply too much. Remember your neck and any extremely dry areas.

SPF/ Sunscreen

A good sunscreen helps shield your skin from UV rays by reflecting the light before it reaches your skin. Wearing sunscreen can reduce the premature aging process and chances of getting skin cancer. SPF is MUST-even indoors. I recommend an SPF of 30 or higher. The recommended amount is two fingers or a quarter teaspoon for adequate protection and should be reapplied after every 2 hours.

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