The 3.5 Million Shilling ‘Dream Wedding’ For Kenyan Couple On Valentine’s Day

It was a story that received mixed reactions from a number of quarters – but ended happily for the man and woman involved.

The two had received a lot of media attention when it transpired that they had gotten married for just 100 shillings.

Cue the good will of a bunch of folks from Slique Events,who hastily jumped in and said that they were so moved by the story, that they would like to help the couple achieve the wedding of their dreams.

The super glam affair took place at the Bliss Garden which is located along the Northern Bypass

Not everyone approved of the idea however – why invalidate a wedding just because it cost so little? Why not put that 3.5 million into other things that will actually help their lives?

The news going viral meant that more people offered to contribute and apparently, Wilson and Ann Mutura are getting a bunch of things that will help uplift their lives – including a new place to stay.

Aaltonen Jumba from Slique events has been quoted as saying that “they had already been helped and this was about the romance….”

Twenty seven year old Wilson had met and fallen in love with his twenty four year old bride but despite their best efforts, they were not able to save the 130 thousand that they had hoped, to be able to put on the ceremony of their dreams. So they continued to do what other young couples do – save and save and work and save. The wedding was postponed on numerous occasions until they gave up, eschewed cake and flowers and everything else we feel necessary to put on a top event, and just committed themselves to each other.

The first wedding was a simple affair that saw the two dressed down and exchanging rings in the most simple of ceremonies. This second one was definitely a lot more lux – but at the end of the day, it really is the emotion and the passion and the love that really matters.

Images: Aaltonen Jumba


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